City of Houston creates SmartPhone app to address issues

The new 3-1-1 app for SmartPhones, unveiled February 5, will now empower Houston residents to report a variety of city issues as they occur. From garbage pickup problems to traffic signal maintenance to potholes in the neighborhood, the app actually allows residents to create work orders that are sent directly to the city’s public works department. After reporting the complaint using the app, residents are able to track its progress.

City of Houston develops 3-1-1 App

City spokesman Chris Newport, as reported by the Houston Chronicle, explains how the 3-1-1 app works:

“Say you see a pothole on your street. Before you even leave for work you can walk over, launch the app and type in ‘pothole,’ ”  he said. “You have the option of taking a picture, punching in the address and answering two other questions before you hit send.”
The city also provides a 3-1-1 hotline available 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week service.

“This is just the beginning,” Newport said of the expanded options. “We’re not just launching this app and we’re done,” he said. The city plans to update on a regular basis.

An interactive map has been added to the city’s 311 website where users can click on an address for updates on their service requests.

For more about Houston 3-1-1 or to download the app, visit 

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