Bell Park Makeover Complete Thanks to MAMA Supporters

Bell Park1After lots of planning, fundraising and volunteer landscaping efforts, Bell Park has a brand new look – cleaner, greener and more inviting for all who live near by or visit the shops and restaurants in our area. And it’s all thanks to a long list of dedicated volunteers, fundraisers and donors.

If you haven’t been by, be sure to walk or jog through soon. You’ll see neatly mulched beds near Montrose, shrubs in new places and several beautiful plantings surrounding the pond – all being watered by a newly installed irrigation system. It looks good now and just wait till spring!

The project shows the power of collaboration – between MAMA, the Montrose Management District, the Houston Parks Board and the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department. It has taken the efforts of all these entities to create the plan as well as many generous contributions from MAMA members, neighborhood businesses and other friends to realize it.

Thanks, everybody. We did it!

Bell Park Restoration Project Supporters

Grant of $8,000
Special thanks to our community partners at the
Montrose Management District

Donations of $1,000-$4,000
5000 Montrose Council of Co-Owners
Chelsea Place Townhome Association
Mr. Dale Francis
Mr. John Gabriel
Mr. David Gibbs
Mr. Douglas Lawing
Museum Area Municipal Association

Donations of $500-$999
Dr. Charles Cleeland
Mr. Guy Hagstette
Hamilton Charitable and Educational Foundation Inc.
Mr. Richard B. Holtz
Ms. Eleanor McMurtry
Ms. Betty Pecore
Tradition Bank
Ms. Lynn Schroth
Ms. Cassie Stinson
Mr. Allen Ueckert
Warwick Square Townhomes

Donations of $25-$500
Ms. Sharon Adams
Ms. Susan O. Allen
Cheryl and Kevin W. Bell
Mr. Richard Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown
Barbara and Everett Buck
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Camfield
Ms. Kristen Castellanos
Mrs. Karon Davis
Mr. Rey de la Reza
Mr. Charles Dreyer
Ms. Claudia Feldman
Mrs. Deborah A. Fiorito
Ms. Kathleen M. Forster
Leslie and Eric Gerber
Ms. Gretchen M. Gillis
Mr. Carvel Glenn
Ms. Kerry Goelzer
Mr. and Mrs. Hal R. Gordon
Mr. Richard E. Grandy
Ms. Kerry F. Inman
Italian Cultural and Community Center of Houston
Ms. Judith D. King
Mr. Randall Lamb
Ms. Jane P. Lehto
Mr. and Mrs. Rhon Linkous
Ms. Theresa Mallett
Ms. Laura Marsh
Dr. and Mrs. Pittman McGehee
Mr. Paul McGowan
Ms. Kathryn McNeil
Ms. Katina C. Pontikes
Dr. Adele P. Raber
Mr. Stephen H. Roddy
Ms. Luisa Santesteban
Mr. George Schroth
Mr. Joseph T. Siff
Ms. Judith E. Siff
Ms. Susan Trimble

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