Although MAMA has been around for decades the security program was started in 2016 due to increasing crime in our neighborhood. Many of the adjacent neighborhoods already had security programs so that MAMA had become an easy target.

After researching the most cost-effective program, the Precinct 1 Constables were chosen over HPD or private security. Harris County Commissioners Court determines the charge for this service which is currently around $93000. The contract year runs from October 1 through September 30 of the following year.

The contract covers a deputy to patrol in a marked vehicle around the MAMA area 40 hours per week five days per week usually during hours when many of our residents are working. However, there is 24/7 coverage for emergencies so that if you call the constable or 911 after hours a constable will show up.


The MAMA boundaries are US 59 on the north, Main Street on the East, Bissonnet on the south and Graustark on the west. However, West 11th Street, Place, Shadow Lawn, and Waverly Court just south of Bissonnet are also in our area although these streets are also in BOCA security.

There are 384 residencies in MAMA including about a dozen apartment complexes ranging in size from 3 to 300 apartments. Also included in our area are a Bar, and a few small businesses, churches, and schools.


The cost of the Constable program is paid for by subscriptions which are solicited on an annual basis from the MAMA community. The cost of the subscriptions are $550, $1100, and $1650 with the average donation around $800. We are grateful for the 25% of residents that carry the security program and are hopeful we can bring that number up by informing our neighbors of the many successes of the constable program. If the security program is not for you, please support MAMA by becoming a member of the civic association at the $50 level.


  1. Decreased crime

Since this program started crime in MAMA has fallen significantly. In the past there were more than thirty home burglaries annually. After this program was instituted this decreased by 50-80%. We have compiled our annual crime statistics starting in 2019 with specific data for each street in MAMA. Interested MAMA subscribers/members can request this data by emailing us at

  1. Decreased time for emergency responses

Although there is a deputy constable patrolling our area 40 hours a week if emergencies occur after hours or if 911 is called a constable will arrive and, many times, will arrive earlier than HPD. The constable will also arrive sooner than HPD for alarm issues.

  1. Vacation Watch

Subscribers can also sign up for vacation watch where the deputy constable will check on your residence while on patrol. This service is offered through the Precinct 1 website and is for subscribers only.

  1. Signage

Subscribers will receive a yard sign to be placed in the front of their house letting the constable know they have supported the program

  1. Neighborhood disruption Intervention

Unfortunately, this year there have been several disruptions to the peace and quiet of our neighborhood due to Airbnb’s, a drug house, speeding and failure to obey stop signs. The security managers and board members worked with HPD, the constables and property owners to mitigate/minimize these issues with good success. Additionally every 4-6 weeks the security managers meet with constables to review and address issues which has strengthened this program. If there are issues in MAMA that you want us to address, please email us at


You can pay online by credit card by going to: or by filling in the attached form and mailing it along with a check made out to MAMA to: PO Box 66735 Houston, Texas 77266.

Fundraising for this year’s patrol services is in process and we very much need your support!  You can find our sign-up form here or click Security Program Signup at the top of this page.

If you have any questions, feel free to email

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