2nd Quarter Meeting Minutes – Draft

Museum Area Municipal Association
Draft – Quarterly Meeting Minutes

 Treasurer’s Report: 

Barbara Aksamit notified those in attendance that the Tradition bank balance is $15,665.57.

Bell Park Update

Leslie Gerber reported that:

  • The Bell Park adoption agreement has been signed and completed. MAMA has been approved to adopt the new beds adjacent to the pond beginning July 2013 and ending July 2018.  The organization is responsible for maintenance of these beds on a timely basis and for installation and any needed repair of the irrigation system.
  • Donations to the Park have been rolling in.  At this point, there is about $10,000 left to raise – we are at the 2/3 mark, approximately.
  • The fundraising task force will meet Tuesday, April 30, to review progress and strategize to complete the fundraising in time for a fall planting day.

Guest Speaker

Doreen Stoller of the Hermann Park Conservancy educated the group about the work of the Conservancy, a public-private organization devoted to improving and preserving Hermann Park. Her focus in the presentation was the activities around the 100 year anniversary of the Park in 2014. These include:

  • A Park to Port bike ride along trails that include those along Braes Bayou in Hermann Park
  • The Centennial Garden project in the 15-acre site that currently houses the Garden Center. New features will include a children’s garden, the grand entry pavilion, rose garden, Centennial Green and more. Work on the redesign will take place throughout 2013.
  • The Garden will be dedicated in October 2014.

Other Business

  • Susan Hayes is working with neighbors to explore the possibility of installing speed humps on Barkdull due to the traffic on the street.  Cassie Stinson suggested those concerned also investigate stop signs as potentially quicker solution.
  • Cheryl Bell reported that she sent an email to the membership list announcing this meeting.  She said it was opened by 50 percent of recipients. Those with news for the letter can send it to her at news@mamahouston.org.