MAMA real estate snapshot

as of Monday, February 4 2013
provided by Barbara Aksamit, resident REALTOR with Metro/REMAX

Currently in our geographic area that borders with Main Street to the East, U.S. 59 to the North, Graustark to the West and Bissonet to the South there are a grand total of two homes for sale.  One home has been on the market for 580 days and now lists for $2,990,000 and the other one is listed for $1,965,000.  Homes sell quickly in our area if they are priced right.

In the last 12 months 11 homes sold for on average 97% of list price in average days on the market 126.7 days, or around 4 months.

Please see the chart below for detailed averages based on the 11 homes sold in the past year.

MAMA Real Estate TrendsThere are currently 12 rental properties available, ranging in monthly rental rates from $795 per month to $9,170 per month.

We truly live in an eclectic and vibrant neighborhood!  ✤

Barbara Aksamit Realtor MAMA