2017 Constable Patrol for MAMA

Why does MAMA need to continue Constable Patrol?

•After seeing a 50% increase in crime in the MAMA boundaries in 2015, there has been a dramatic decrease since the Constable Patrol started in March 2016.

•We continue to see more cut-through traffic and transients due to traffic and construction in our adjacent streets.

•Constables are certified peace officersand can ticket, arrest, and if necessary, use force to deter and stop crime.

Property value and neighborhood desirability are increasedwhen there is a Constable presence.

Our Deputy has gotten to know our neighborhood extremely well, met many of our residents, and responds quickly when on duty to any calls or issues.

How can I participate?
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Having a dedicated Constable isn’t free, it’s approximately $80,000 a year. We are asking you to become a member at the level you feel you can participate. The whole neighborhood will benefit but members will receive specific benefits

Membership Levels:

•Underwriter -$1,500 / year.

•Sponsor -$1,000 / year

•General -$500 / year

 What are the benefits of being a member?

 •We will have a dedicated Constable assigned to our neighborhoodand access to other area Constable resources.

•Our Constable will be the first responder to your alarm system.

•You will have a direct contact number for the Constable’s office.

•There will generally be a faster response time to calls due to their close proximity to the neighborhood.

•The Constable can put your house on vacation patrol when you are out.

•You will have Constable assistance with any parking, traffic, or noise issues or violations.

Highly visible yard sign warning that the home is patrolled by a Constable.

•Home security inspections to find vulnerabilities.

Special programs, classes, and meetings so that you can be more proactive in enhancing your safety including self-defense / rape prevention.

Your participation will make our neighborhood and your property safer!